Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Leisure Activities in Bethany Beach

The name Bethany Beach is synonymous with swimming, walking and lazing in the sun. Indeed, these are the only activities that a visitor will see as these are what the locals normally do during the fabulous summer months. The more adventurous engage in water sports and bring out their surfboards, beach kayaks, stand up paddle boards and skim boards. These sports are also allowed in the off season and if you are a true enthusiast, you can buy a house adjacent to the beach. There are a number of Bethany Beach lenders like Steve Morgan who are more than happy to help you to do so.

A walker's paradise

Bethany Beach is a walker's delight any time of the year and any cyclist will enjoy the pedestrianized beach. A smart visitor will leave the car at the hotel or at the house and will walk into town.

The beach is considered by most as the most attractive beach in the Middle Atlantic region. The area is made more attractive by the excellently maintained boardwalk, blessedly free of blatant commercialism that dominates other bigger resort towns in the Atlantic Ocean region. There is nothing more enjoyable than to view the sunrise from the boardwalk itself.

Other attractions

The other attractions of Bethany Beach include the 24 foot height totem pole and the Town Museum, which inside the Town Hall, at Garfield Parkway near Delaware Avenue . Visitors can learn about the history of the town and how it developed over the years. 

Understand the Ins and Outs of Mortgage

Mortgage is described as a loan to finance the buying of your home and is probably the biggest debt you will shoulder in your life. In this kind of debt, your home will be the collateral and you will sign a legal contract where you will promise to pay back the debt, plus interest and other charges, over a period between 15 and 30 years. For example, if you want to buy a home in beautiful Bethany Beach, you have to mortgage the home you will buy to the lender.

The mortgage process can be a little cumbersome, but a good Bethany Beach lender like Steve Morgan can ably guide you and negotiate with the lender for the best mortgage deal ideal to your financial status.

Principal: It is the amount of money you borrowed to purchase your home. Before you get the principal, you must give your lender a certain amount of cash termed a “down payment” to lessen the quantity of money which will be financed.

Interest: It is generally expressed as a percentage and is the charge levied by the lender to utilize the money you have borrowed. In addition to the published rate, the lender may also levy on you points and extra loan costs. Each point is usually one percent of financed amount and is also financed with capital.

The principal along with interest forms the bulk of the monthly payments and the process is termed “amortization”. This lessens the debt over a time period.

Taxes: This is determined on the value of the home and is a percentage of that value. It is used to finance the expenses of managing your community, like roads, schools and infrastructure. You have to pay property taxes even after the mortgage is paid off.

Insurance: Lenders will not permit you to complete the deal on home purchase unless you have home insurance that covers the home and also your personal property from losses by theft, bad weather, fire and other problems. It is recommended that you go for home insurance when you purchase your home.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Why Pick a Mortgage Broker

Buying property is not an easy task. You may have found the house you have always wanted in glorious Bethany Beach, and thought that the days of hard decision making are finally over. But in actual fact, you are quite very wrong. It is time to banish all thoughts of buying wallpapers and appliances and instead focus on something which may probably outlast all your appliances and even your furniture - the mortgage.

Selecting the correct mortgage has always been a troublesome affair, and as recent years reveal, the market has changed beyond anything that was anticipated. The days of choosing between a fixed rate and a variable rate are long gone. Every lender nowadays appears to have created their own financial services, which range from offset mortgages which set savings interest against the mortgage interest to self certification mortgages for the self employed. It is almost impossible to make sense of all the various options available to figure out which one suits your needs the best. This is where a mortgage broker comes into the picture.

A mortgage broker, like Steve Morgan, (steve@steve-morgan.com) is a financial adviser with expert knowledge about the mortgage market. Steve will isolate the mortgage ideal to your financial plan, negotiate with the lender for you, and get you a much better deal than you would get if you had done it on your own.

A good mortgage broker is a boon, as having a good mortgage option means less stress in the long run. However, a great mortgage broker may not come cheap. You must ensure that you have selected the right person or company, and make sure that you get the worth of what you have paid when you are negotiating with them.