Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Buy a House on Mortgage in Bethany Beach

Buy a House on Mortgage in Bethany Beach

The pleasant town of Bethany Beach is not heavily populated, but is a hit among the tourists. It is a favorite among visitors in summers looking to spend quality time on the beach with their family and friends. Many visitors have fallen in love with the beauty of the place and even invested in summer vacation homes and second homes in Bethany Beach.

Steve Morgan is a well-known Bethany Beach lender who can provide you easy mortgage solutions if you are looking to buy a house in this beautiful town. He can help you get a good deal in your budget, at a minimal fee.

Importance of hiring a mortgage broker

If you may think you would be able to do just fine without the help and service of a mortgage broker, you need to think again. Finding a beautiful house in Bethany Beach may not be difficult, but getting it for the right price will certainly be a little tricky. Figuring out the right mortgage price is especially difficult for the ones who are not well-aware of the housing trends and rates of Bethany Beach. A mortgage lender who is updated with the knowledge of various mortgage options and market rates will guide you through the whole process smoothly.

Steve Morgan specializes in residential mortgage loans and can help you get your desired house without any hassles in Bethany Beach at a good price.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tips for Home Staging

If you are selling your existing home to buy a house at Bethany Beach, you should stage your home to get the maximum possible price. As Steve Morgan, a Bethany Beach lender says, you cannot escape the powerful impact of the first impression when it comes to selling your home. The aim is to amaze the potential buyer the moment he or she walks in through the door.

Tip # 1: Bathroom walls must be clean

A dirty bathroom wall puts off most buyers. The main culprit of a dirty looking bathroom walls is the presence of surface mold on them. To get rid of molds, mix equal parts of bleach and water and pour the solution into a spray bottle. Spray the solution on to the wall, and see the mold disappear. For awesome results, give the walls a fresh coat of paint.

Tip # 2: Scour a bad looking shower door

A dirty glass shower door will go against you when it comes to the asking price of your home. There is no need to replace it. Mix muriatic acid and water in the 1:10 ratio and scrub the glass with the solution with steel wool. After you wipe the glass, reinstall it and you will have a shower that again becomes the pride of the house.

Tip # 3: Paint old tiles to give a fresh appearance

There is nothing worse than old tiles in the house. There is no need to replace the tiles. To paint them, coat tiles first with high adhesion primer. Then brush  it with a special covering of ceramic epoxy. This will result in tiles which look fresh and raises the sale price.

Following these simple tips will help you to get the maximum price available in the market. The best part is, there is no need to hire somebody, you can do this all by yourself. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

What is Staging and How to Go About It

Have you made up your mind to sell your current home and buy your dream house in Bethany Beach? Then you should consider staging your house to get the maximum price. Staging is the technique of decorating a residence so that it appears similar to a model house. According to Steve Morgan, a Bethany Beach lender, staging is a vital part of any house selling process.

A majority of buyers would prefer to buy a property that is neat and appears ready to be moved in at a moment's notice. Buyers try to look for properties that do not require them to make any kind of major or minor repairs. The best staging methods create a home that is warm, inviting and capture the soul as well as the heart of the potential home purchaser.

Before you advertise your home for sale in the market, put yourself in place of the buyer. Do remember that the first impression is vital and it can make or break the sale. Ensure that you have more than a presentable home. It is possible to achieve this by sweeping the driveway, wiping down the front door, trimming the hedges and moving the recycling bins out of sight. If there is a brick patio, use a coat of paint to brighten it up. Wipe the coat a bit to impart a well used but carefully cared appearance. Such highlights will add to the beauty of your house and make it attractive to any purchaser.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Why Use a Blanket Real Estate Mortgage

A blanket real estate mortgage is the one that encompasses two or multiple real estate pieces. The real estate can can be held as mortgage collateral, but individual slices of real estate could be sold without closing the entire mortgage. For example, if you have three properties at Bethany Beach, you can take a blanket real estate mortgage and may sell off one of them if you need to do so.

It is possible for blanket real estate mortgages to be a great financial tool. Under the right conditions, and when both the sellers and buyers understand the available options, lenders could make effective blanket mortgage loans.

Reason for the popularity of  a blanket mortgage loan

  • The requirement of consolidating properties for the purpose of refinance: This is particularly applicable when an investor owns a number of properties which are not financed at the same time and each property has a different mortgage term compared to others. In case of low rates, it can be possible for all the properties to be grouped together  aiming towards a blanket mortgage refinance. Aggregate payments will then be lower. The extra cash left could be utilized by the owner for promoting more investments. 

  • Increase the financing for new purchases: If an investor wishes to develop a particular property, and the amount of cash needed is more than what can be borrowed on that property alone, then other properties belonging to that investor can be clumped together to make a blanket real estate mortgage. Necessary funds can be easily raised this way.

It is clear that it makes excellent sense to go for a blanket real estate mortgage. If all criteria are met, all the three players in real estate-sellers, buyers and lenders could consider this option.