Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Periscope Open House Trends & Ideas

Periscope is a live video streaming App that was launched in March 2016. It was acquired by twitter before it was publicly launched. Four months after its launch, the app already had over ten million active accounts in it. The app has been adopted by both android and apple users. Periscope users have the option of tweeting out a link to their live stream and can choose who views the video.
Importance of Periscope to Businesses
Periscope brings a different aspect to marketing as buyers who are away can watch the video stream and those who are close by can be enticed to join in the event. Furthermore, the connection of periscope to twitter means that the business reach is quadrupled. By building the number of clients who follow your account on twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, your reach as a business is immerse. Periscope can be used when launching a product, showcasing the current merchandise with more focus on the features and even just to show other events that the business participates in such as CSR. With the beach being close by, periscope offer those in Delaware a chance to participate in the event from a far.
Periscope’s Impact on Open Houses
Open Houses are important occasions in real estate as they allow prospective buyers to view the house without having to book an appointment. Not only can periscope be used to create awareness of the open house and invite more buyers to show up, it can also be used to market to those who can’t attend as they watch the different aspects of the house and decide to book an appointment later. By linking the video to twitter and other sites, the video of the open house could be watched by customers in different parts of the country and they could repost it giving your business more views. It would allow you to make sales to clients you are yet to meet.
Marketing a prelisting on Periscope
A prelisting package aims to ensure sellers are aware of who you are as a real estate agent, the agency you represent and what you can do to make the sale of their house quick and get them the best possible price. Periscope would help real estate agents with this as they could easily make videos of themselves and what they do then post them on social media. They could also link different videos of open houses or other related events they have participated in and the clients can see how they work and how successful they are. With the ability to offer feedback and answer questions, periscope offers a new way to connect and communicate.
Virtual Tours
Another feature in marketing that real estate agents could take advantage of is the virtual tours that they can make then post on periscope. The videos taken would capture the different features of the properties and at different angles so that potential buyers can get a more rounded experience. The virtual tour video could be accompanied by a voice over that would give more information on the best aspects of the property. This video when posted on periscope has a higher viewing and is more effective as a marketing tool.

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