Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Facebook Live Feature

Facebook live is a product from Facebook that allows one to share different perspectives and experiences in real-time to friends and family or to fans. Since these live videos are exciting and captivating to the audience, more people are able to tune in and engage with the broadcasters directly at that moment. The concept was developed to capture a larger audience as live videos are watched more than those videos that are not. The platform is now accessible to android users as well as the iPhone users and is therefore accessible by more people in the United States. It is very easy to use as all one need to do is choose the audience and then start broadcasting. You are able to see the number of people viewing and can respond to the comments. The video is saved to the timeline allowing you to keep it or delete it.
Impact of Facebook Live on Business
Facebook live though initially verified for public figures is now available to all verified pages on the platform. It was initially made available to the elite with the hope of controlling the demand on bandwidth and set a higher standard on video streaming.  With social marketing being of great importance to marketing, Facebook live cannot be underestimated in value. I real estate especially, Facebook live can help create greater levels of awareness as properties are show cased and the video features the interior and the exterior allowing customers to get a more complete picture. Live videos are also shared more and the clients can view the products and still return to the news feed to review the video if they need clarification. This also allows them to share the links with friends in order to get a second opinion before purchase.

Facebook Live’s Impact on Open Houses
Open houses in the real estate business are important as they allow clients to view the product without having booked an appointment. Agents can use Facebook live to let more people know about the event in advance. The news feed can be to the public but it is important to create a large following in order to increase the number of people reached. As people are watching the video, the agent can invite them to subscribe and whenever the agent is live, they would get notified. By enabling Follower, you are able to get an even larger audience. On the day of the open house, it would also be prudent to post another live video showing the event as it progresses and featuring the different aspects of the house indoors and outdoors. Ensure the videos are saved on the timeline so that the followers can access them later. The increased traffic to the Facebook page would mean more potential clients who can then become home owners. Those unable to attend the event due to distance or previous commitments would also experience the open house and hopefully book an appointment later.
Marketing a prelisting
Prelisting packages are meant to foster a relationship with the sellers, so that they are confident the real estate agent would do their best to get the best price within the shortest time possible. Facebook live would allow the agent to make a live video showing the houses they have already sold. If the previous seller is willing, he or she can be part of the video, recommending the agent as the best at what she or he does.

Virtual Tour
Agents could take advantage of Facebook live by posting virtual tours of the properties they are listing. The videos should be given a catchy title and made of the best possible quality so that customers can see the properties in the best light. The virtual tours should also be archived once they have been broadcasted until the property is no longer available. This would allow the agent to reach even those far from the location of the property allowing them to make a decision and only come in for a final viewing before purchase.

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