Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Call to Action

What is a Call to Action?

A call to action is meant to provoke a reaction from the target audience. It is a non-demanding request made by a marketer. The most effective marketing strategies combine several CTAs creating a behavioral pattern that is easy for the audience to follow. CTAs are essential parts of permission marketing as well as inbound marketing and are often used in websites. The aim of incorporating them is to turn visitors to the website to clients.

An effective call to action should reduce or completely eradicate the risk to the audience. In some cases this is by giving the potential client a chance to sample the product for free for a specified period before they can start purchasing.  CTA should also direct the audience on what they are to do. It could be to click a specific button or choose a color. Effective CTAs should also encourage an immediate reaction instead of giving the people to sit back and think about it as they might find alternative products and services.

The call to action should be preceded by properly laid groundwork that involves helping the customer recognize their need for your product. It should offer something extra in order to entice the customer to respond to it. An effective CTA communicates urgency as is indicated by expiry dates for offers or rewards for immediate action. A CTA should use a different color from the general theme color so as to ensure it stands out and captures attention.

Having a call to action on a website is essential and this is not limited to ecommerce sites .It helps the audience focus the attention to the site and also provides you as the owner of the website, a way to measure the effectiveness of your site. But also of importance, a call to action gives the customers directions helping them get the most from you while giving you their contacts so you can reach them in the future especially in mail marketing. A call of action, such as asking the customers to sign up for the newsletter also ensures the customers will always be updated on the new products and services, giving you an avenue to interest them even more and hopefully, change them into paying customers.

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